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Sulfuric Acid Delinting

Continuous Flow Dilute Sulfuric Acid Delinting - 

Continuous Flow Delinting is the highest volume system available. Bulk Cotton Seed arrives from the gin in trailers that unload into a bulk feeding mechanism. Seed is fed into a bulk storage bin and held until processing begins. Pre-cleaning begins in a Scalping Cleaner which then supplies seed to the Metering Bin and Acid Application Chamber. Acidized seed continuously flows through a Drying drum and then to the Buffing drum. Black seed from the Buffing drum is tranferred for storage in the Black Seed Storage Bin.
Dilute Sulfuric Acid Delinting Batch System -  
  Metered and Acidized seed is fed into the Batch Delinting Machine. When the first Batch Delinting Machine is full, flow from the Acid Application Chamber is diverted to the next Batch Delinting Machine until all are filled. The Batch Delinting Machine dries the moisture from the Acid MIx Solution and buffs the residual lint away from the seed. Delinted seed is discharged from the first Batch Delinting Machine and then it is filled again. The second Batch Delinting Machine will discharge as the first is filled again.The sequence is repeated.
One - 1 Ton per hour machine will discharge black delinted seed once per hour. When operating 6 Batch Delinting Machines, a continuous flow of the six batches is acheived.
Both systems apply the Acid Mix Solution in the same manner. Acid Mix Solution is blended in the Acid Mix Station supplied with all systems. Fuzzy seed is metered into the Acid Application Chamber where a precise recipe of acid, water and surfactant are mixed with the fuzzy seed.

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