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My name is Jerry Forburger.
Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our organization.

About Us

American Delinting designs and manufactures Sulfuric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid Delinting Equipment for cottonseed.

 In 1968, I first became involved with the relatively ‘new’ concept of delinting of planting seed for cotton. I was very fortunate to be associated with people that had an imaginative approach to improving the equipment and techniques required for the fledgling cottonseed delinting industry.

Later, I was again fortunate to spend over 10 years with the recognized leader in delinting technology. During this later association, I was privileged to design and manufacture complete delinting facilities that are in use in all sections of the worldwide cotton belt.


Our customers include the leading multinational corporations. These high volume producers require delinted seed production rates of up to 10 tons per hour at each facility.


I am also very proud of the many smaller producers around the world that have used our expandable Batch Systems to make the leap forward in their technology. By starting with a small 1 ton per hour Acid Delinting System small producers have the ability to add machines and increase their production as the demand for delinted cottonseed increased. The American Delinting  Batch Systems can be upgraded to production rates of up to 6 tons per hour or more.


At American Delinting we satisfy the needs of producers large and small with equipment that gets their seed delinted completely, quickly, precisely and without damage.


American Delinting supplies the equipment to gently and quickly remove the residual fuzz from planting seed. Our equipment allows the delinted seed to be separated from trash and foreign particles and for the removal of the immature or cracked seeds that will not germinate.  Application of pre-emergent insecticides, fungicides and herbicides prepares only the best seeds for planting. Delinted, cleaned and treated seed can be planted using precision automated planting equipment. Each prepared seed is placed in the ground at the right time and the right place, quickly. The result is increased production of higher quality cotton for the grower.


Please contact me using theContact Us’  page of this website. I will be happy to answer any questions and discuss your cottonseed delinting needs.

Thank you.


Jerry Forburger


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